The Protocol School of Amherst

Endeavoring to provide leadership skills, through contemporary etiquette guidelines, which will serve as the stepping-stones of basic diplomacy and civility in an ever-changing global economy.


Our Programs

Our confidence building programs provide you with the soft skills you need to outclass the competition with ease.

The Etiquette Programs

    A sample of the topics featured: 

      The return to traditional values has brought about an increased appreciation of civility. A foundation of good manners and leadership skills give young people of all ages an opportunity to learn and practice - now and for the rest of their lives. These fun and informative programs include role-playing exercises and a workbook for each student to keep as a reference guide. 

      Social and Communication Skills 

      Self-esteem and Confidence Building 

      Handshaking With All Ages 

      Introductions Made Easy 

      Self-respect and Respect for Others 

      Conversation and Listening Skills 

      Telephone Etiquette 

      The Etiquette of Public Places

      The Dining Programs

        Students learn to feel comfortable and self-assured in social situations. These fun and informative programs include role-playing exercises and workbook for each student to keep as a reference guide. 

        A sample of the topics featured: 

          Confidence in party and dining situations frees one from worrying about mistakes. Everyone has experienced awkward moments-dropping a fork on the floor and wondering whether to pick it up or leave it there or showing up at a party all dressed up while everyone else is wearing jeans.

          Host and Guest Duties 

          The ABC's of Table Manners 


          Handling Silverware 

          The Etiquette of Dining Out 

          Difficult To Eat Foods 

          Dos and Don'ts of Dining 

          Thank-you Notes 

          The Business Programs

          Professional Business Savvy

          Professional Dining Savvy

          What you don't know may adversely affect your career or business. Your actions, your reactions, and personal presentation say a lot about you. We will teach you and your staff how to enter a room with confidence and poise. You will leave  knowing how to outclass the competition, work a room and finesse your way through a business meal. 

          Have you ever eaten at a restaurant or stayed in a hotel where the customer service or lack thereof resulted in your negative comments? We will train your staff to present the best customer service 

          Do you possess one of the most crucial tools that will give you the cutting edge in the global business arena?

          Business etiquette is the power tool of the leaders of today and tomorrow. Professional Business Savvy and Dining Savvy will teach you the skills you need and can put to use immediately.


          Maureen Raab

          Founder of the Protocol School of Amherst

          Maureen Raab is a trained and certified graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, the leader in etiquette and protocol services. A former Consultant of PriceWaterhouseCoopers, she serves as an active member of her community. She has become known as one of New England’s premier event planners and etiquette coaches. Her professional background in finance administration makes her highly successful at producing fabulous results with an eagle eye on the bottom line. Ms. Raab’s dynamic personality, top rate education, and strong experience make her a great success at achieving desired results for the diverse clients and causes she takes on. From grand to simple weddings and corporate retreats; organizations’ fundraising galas; and etiquette classes for children, professionals, and graduate college students, Maureen Raab, can be counted on to professionally and with enthusiasm improve the success of your personal and professional endeavors. The etiquette and dining programs were, established in 2002.

          Maureen Raab and Dorothea Johnson

          Dorothea Johnson is the Founder of The Protocol School of Washington.®

          Debra Lassiter and April Black McClean
          In 2005, the Etiquette and Leadership Institute was established after acquiring the Children's Training Division of The Protocol School of Washington from Dorothea Johnson. 



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          "Etiquette is about doing to others as you would have done to you.
          It's about being kind, considerate, thoughtful, respectful, helpful,
          generous, grateful, obedient to proper authority,
          protective of other's property and rights"

          -Grateful Parent